Property Map

Hard Nickel Group

Property Overview

The Hard Nickel Group consists of five claim blocks in three groups (Nickel West, Nickel Central, Nickel South) with a total area of 6,125.32 hectares in the area surrounding Mount Sidney Williams, in close proximity to the Decar Project and the Baptiste deposit of FPX Nickel Corp (TSXV:FPX).


The Property is road and helicopter accessible from Fort St. James via a network of province-maintained paved roads and forestry-maintained gravel roads. The Canadian National Railway company owns an inactive railway line that passes a short distance east of the Properties.


The mineral claims are partially underlain by rocks like those hosting the Decar project of FPX Nickel where mineralization includes nickel, cobalt, and chromium. At least some of the nickel mineralization occurs as awaruite which is a naturally occurring nickel-iron alloy important in the manufacture of environmentally efficient batteries for the electric vehicle markets globally.


The earliest publicly available reports of exploration on and around the Property date from 1974 and were focused on evaluating the potential of the area to contain chromite, used in the production of stainless steel, and gold mineralization. Awaruite was first discovered in the area in 1983. Systematic, ground-based exploration work began in the Mount Sidney Williams area claims under the direction of renowned geologist, Ms. Ursula Mowat in 1987, continuing intermittently until 2012.

Historical Project Photos