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Nickel 100 Group

Property Overview

The group consist of two contiguous claim blocks covering 3,134.70 hectares with many identified mineral occurrences of chromite that have associated nickel along with trace amounts of Platinum group elements (PGEs).


The Nickel 100 Group is situated approximately 130 km northwest of Fort St. James in Central British Columbia. Forestry roads and helicopters provide primary access to the property. A BC Rail Line is located approximately 12 km to the south.

Mineral Occurrences

The claims cover 17 of 17 known chromite showings, some of which are reported to be mineralized with platinum/palladium group and other rare, highly valuable elements.


Nickel-cobalt mineralization has not been well-explored, but the presence of awaruite has been documented. Geologist, Ms. Ursula Mowat completed a preliminary field work program over the area of the Nickel 100 Range claims in 2004, and confirmed the presence of elevated nickel, cobalt and chromium values in rocks and stream sediments.